Yo, We be dB!

Greetings Friends!

Thanks for taking a minute to check out my new musical adventure, dB. Here's the story of how we got here:

It's May 2010 and I’m the stage manager at The River Worm Café at Strange~Creek Music Festival in Greenfield, MA. At this point, I had been writing music and performing in original bands for a decade and Strange~Creek was an annual opportunity for me to share what I had created with family, friends, and fans. Those were fun years.

But, as people move forward and life paths change, so does the music. For the first time in a very, very long time, I found myself without a band. Now, we hungry musicians know that if you can't fill a slot at a festival, It’ll get sucked up into the vacuum and you risk having to start on the bottom rung again. This would not do. So, I started brainstorming about what I could do to maintain my opportunity. Well, Phish was (and is still) my favorite band and, at the time, I had only heard of two Phish tribute bands nationally. No one was doing that kind of thing in New England and it seemed like a no-brainer to give it a go.

Man, playing in an original band is hard work. You’re aiming to capture lightning in a bottle and I was at it everyday writing music, booking shows, promoting myself, and trying to corral as many friends and fans to our shows as possible. Performing in a tribute band was foreign territory for me and I didn't have a lot of time to get a buzz going about my new idea, so there was no telling how well it would go over.

So, night-of-show, I get set up like I had done a thousand times before and we drop into the first tune, “Funky Bitch.” The very first notes sent a shockwave over the campground and, before the second verse was done, we had hippies unzipping their tents all doing the bird-dance on their way down to the stage. The crowd swelled beyond my line of sight and I remember thinking, “This is what I needed to do? All this time? Ok, let’s focus on this for a while.” The Phreaks were born.

It was never my dream to make a career in a tribute band. My intent was to show everyone that I could be a great performer by becoming the best damn Trey enthusiast out there and, eventually, get back to performing my own music. The Phreaks were the vessel to that destination. Never did I imagine that I would travel the country with Pink Talking Fish and that I would spend eight years of my life in tribute-band-land. And it’s been an amazing ride, one that will continue. But, I knew performing music I had written had been a joy unparalleled in my lifetime and, after much work had been done, there would come a time to enjoy that again.

That time is now. I have assembled a group of some of my very best friends each representing a different role they've played in my musical life over the years. One exciting new facet is that this is the first time I will be writing and arranging for horns! I have reworked a handful of my “greatest hits” for this group and I have a ton of fresh ideas coming together. Our debut album, “Unity” will feature a collection of these songs.

So, here we are: on the precipice of a new journey. I look forward to once again contributing to the artful human experience and to sharing what we create with you. Stay in touch, big things are happening!

Meet the Band

Mike_torso copy.png

AJ Vallee - Percussion




Jody Ryan - Keyboards

       Uncle Billy Smokehouse


Sara Honeywell - Trombone

             Mother Ton

Troy Bennett - Saxophone

Thom Brennan - Trumpet